BMLS was formed in 2009 when founder Patrick Armstrong retired from corporate life, having been the managing director of a group company in one of South Africa’s leading and most successful financial services firms.

Prior to being recruited into the corporate world he served as a commissioned officer in a full-time military career that spanned 15 years. This included mainly operational command, interspersed with staff and tactical training roles. He graduated from Army Command and Staff College and commanded a Special Forces regiment as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Motivated by the striking parallels that he identified between how the military and successful businesses approach strategic and tactical planning, as well as the critical importance of prioritising leadership development at all levels in any organisation, he founded BMLS.

The methodology crafted and used by BMLS to develop inspirational leadership encompasses combining centralised vision and intent with agile, decentralised planning and execution.

The BMLS methodology and supporting processes are described as “The Adapted Situational Analysis Technique” (ASAT).
Patrick Armstrong
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